Lawn Maintenance Jobs & Small Business Contracts for Foreclosure Cleanup Work Orders

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Use the below  job listings, posted previously, as invaluable resources to get a solid “idea” about the types of jobs and contracts you can secure in the trashout industry for your company.  See newer job postings, gleaned from various websites, at  Thank you for your patience as we work to update the foreclosure cleanup blog job postings and property preservation blog content.


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Thank you for stopping by the Lawn Maintenance Business Job Bank. See Job Listings below.  Find other Foreclosure Cleanup Business and Real Estate Contracting Job Leads at the links below. Many of these listings are riddled with Lawn Maintenance Contracts via larger contractors:
Lawn Maintenance  Help Wanted in Four States,
Lawn and Foreclosure Cleanup Assignments in Bakersfield, CA  Area
Lawn Maintenance Help Wanted in Philadelphia:
Property Preservation and Lawn Vendors Needed … Prescott, Arizona
Lawn Care and Handyman Work in California: (Ongoing Lawn Maintenance Needed!)
Lawn Maintenance: Help Wanted, Jobs & Industry Contracts and Subcontracts specific bid requests and help wanted below:

Medford, Oregon: Property Preservation Contractor Needed

Medford, Oregon: Property Preservation Contractor Needed for Lawn Maintenance Work on Foreclosures. For more information, visit this Foreclosure Cleanup Job Link:

Miami-Dade County:  Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Vendor Needed

Miami-Dade County Department of Procurement Management is seeking a Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Vendor to bid on a one year contract for Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services at several locations (see below). Contractors should be equipped to handle grounds maintenance, fertilization of sod areas, fertilization of shrub beds, and fertilization of trees.  See locations needing service below:
  • Kendall Cottages, 11025 SW 84th St.
  • Inn Transition South, 11930 SW 202nd St.
  • Miami-Gardens Neighborhood Services, 16405 NW 25th Ave.
  • N. County Neighborhood Services, 3201 NW 207th St.
  • Edison Littler River Neighborhood, 150 NW 79th St.
  • Victims Emergency Shelter North Dade, 7831 NE Miami Ct.
  • Inn Transition North (2 Buildings), 13030 / 13090 NE 6th Ct.
  • Passageways to Independence, 2500 NW 62nd St.
  • Elderly Services Adult Day Care, 60 NE 166th St.
  • Culmer Neighborhood Service Center, 1600 NW 3rd Ave.
  • Coconut Grove Neighborhood Service, 3750 S. Dixie Hwy. (Coconut Grove)
  • Allapattah Neighborhood, 1897 NW 20th St.
  • Wynwood Neighborhood Service Center, 2902 NW 2nd Ave.
  • Emergency Housing North, 2301 NW 54th St.
  • Disability Service and Independent Living, 1335 NW 14th St.
  • Elderly Services W. Dade Adult Day Care, 6950 N. Waterway Drive
  • United Cerebral Palsy, 1411 NW 14th Ave.
  • Emergency Housing South, 825 West Palm Drive, Florida City
  • Elderly Services Homestead Adult Care, 653 SW 4th St., Homestead
  • Victims Emergency Shelter South Dade, 51 West Mowry Drive, Homestead
  • Elderly Services Adult Day Care, 19590 Old Cutler Road Miami
  • Naranja Neighborhood Service Center, 13955 SW 264th St., Naranja
  • Florida City / Homestead Neighborhood, 1600 NW 6th Ct., Florida City
TO PLACE YOUR BID: To bid, see the following document and follow bidding instructions carefully:
Notes:  Opening Date 7/13/2011; Opening Time: 02:00 PM


Contract for Mowing and Cleaning Around Lake

RESOURCE SERVICE SOLUTIONS has received a contract for mowing and cleaning around Goodman State Fishing Lake in Ness City, Kansas.  They need lawn maintenance assistance.
Remaining Contract:
  • July:  Clean two times per week – Mow two times per month = $220.00
  • August:  Clean one time per week – Mow one time per month = $110.00
  • September:  Clean one time per week – Mow one time per month = $110.00
  • October:  Clean one time per week = $60.00
More Details: Also entails mowing around the public areas (parking lot, bathrooms, and picnic areas. Public restroom cleaning is also part of job.)
Payment: This company pays net 30 to 35 days. Note this is from the end of the service month.

Help Wanted — It’s a Big One! 30-Unit Vacant Apartment Building (Clear Out, Handle Repairs, Complete Window & Door Boarding, Brush Removal, Adding Fence, LAWN WORK, Etc.) – PLEASE NOTE DEADLINE RESPONSE.


JOB: BULK LAWN MAINTENANCE WORK — Lawn Care Contractor Needed for Volume Grass Cutting

Areas: West Atlanta, GA and West Georgia.
Details: This company is seeking an Independent Grass Cutting Contractor to handle a West Georgia/Atlanta area route. Note details below:
  • The volume can be in the double-digits (i.e., 25, 35, 45 yards weekly).
  • The work allows you to set your work schedule (though you MUST meet deadlines.)
  • Vendor must exude professionalism, be quick, dependable, efficient in tasks, and detailed.
  • The cuts are frequent and recurring.
  • IMPORTANT: The job requires that photos (before & after) be taken and submitted as proof of work completed (you must do this to get paid).
  • Must be proficient and have basic tech knowledge (re: you must be able to upload pictures to company’s server — or email them — before deadlines). NOTE: Smaller scale, in-town houses generally require approx. 40 pictures; MED to LG homes require 50+ minimum.
Pay Schedule: Every two weeks; volume-based.
Equipment Requirements for Contractor: Truck, trailer, lawn mowers (riding and walk-behind preferable), weed eater, trimmers (hedge and stringer), trash cans, blower, gas cans rake(s), and DIGITAL CAMERA (Remember: Photos must be taken for documentation and proof purposes so you can get paid.)
To Apply: To apply for this position, send an email to this address and request more information. Your references may be required.

Company Name & Job:  Tender Lawn Care

Tender Lawn Care is hiring lawn mowing crews.  Must have good driving record, be polite and HARD WORKING. Have work through mid-November of this year.
City and State: Grand Rapids, Michigan (Street Address:  2436 Oak Industrial Dr., NE)
Need More Info About this Company? For more information about Tender Lawn Care, visit their website.
To Apply: Apply online at Tender Lawn Care Application; or visit their offices at 2436 Oak Industrial Dr., NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Company Name & Job: 5 Star Property Preservation Services

5 Star Property Preservation Services is hiring for the following positions in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. Contractors must be able to work in several cities and counties.
  • Lawn Maintenance Contractors (See Lawn Maintenance Vendor Package)
  • Full Service Preservation Contractors (cleaning, lawn care and debris removal) (See Full Service Vendor Package)
  • Inspectors (Various Types)
  • Winterization Workers
  • General Maintenance Workers (to handle changing locks and general repairs)
  • NOTE:  They also need In-House Employees (three months as contractor required) and Property Managers
City and State: Offices located Morrisville, NC.
Need More Info About this Company? For more information about 5 Star Property Preservation Services, visit their website.
To Apply: To apply as a vendor, visit this company’s Application page.
Contact Name: Contact Michel and/or Lovella
Telephone: 919.415.1611
Facsimile: 866-652-3540
Disclaimer:  These industry jobs are gleaned from other sources. The job info is assumed accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication. Please contact companies directly for more information as it relates to the positions at hand.
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