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Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without your book. K

I purchased the wealth of info on starting my business from u and I just wanted to say thanks for writing it. Most all of my questions were answered. I’m also from Georgia (Covington). … MH

Bought your foreclosure cleanout book, great read so far thanks! SH

Thank you for the info. Seems you’re very knowledgeable in this field. Good resources led 2 success. DV

You provide an excellent service that has helped my growing business in many ways, THANK YOU! TidyFC

We love what you do and the programs u gave us … C.Hunks

Hey Cassandra, just wanted to say thanks for all the info and advice. JP

Hi Cassandra.  I’ve been using your site for a few days now.  I didn’t realize foreclosuredirt on Twitter was the same company till I followed one of the links.  I will be using (and abusing) as much info as I can on your site.  I’ve already today printed out 20+ articles from your archive pages.  … Thank you so much for all you do! BM

Hi Cassandra, I want to say thank you. Every aspect of my company is because of the advice and products you provide which are the foundation [my company] was built on; your guidance is a blessing. I utilized your advice, products and SCORE as a building block for my business plan which inevitably won a grant with the Department of Labor
to get started …”
Acworth, GA

Hi Cassandra,
I purchased your “How to Start a Foreclosure
Clean-up Business” book online, and I just want you to know that it was the best
$50.00 I have ever spent! Your book was worth every penny! It is a THOROUGH step
by step guide on how to start a foreclosure clean up business. The book was so
clear and easy to understand. I am in the final phase of set up, getting our
webpage designed and our advertising materials. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
There are so many scams online, and I am so glad I followed my gut and purchased
your book. I am excited about what’s to come. My family has been struggling
financially since the recession began, so I decided to take matters into my own
hands and make this happen. Your book has given me the tools necessary to do it!
Thank you Cassandra, thank you! K.S.

Hi Cassandra, Good morning. We have purchased your how to guide and just purchased the bidding manual and the contract/estimate form. I just wanted to thank you for all your helpful information. My mother has been flipping houses for about twenty years and I have been by her side for most of it. We decided since we have the experience and all of the equipment that we should start a foreclosure clean up business. And of course the most important, we are not afraid of hard work … Again, thank you for all this great information. You are definetely an inspiration. TC, Mesa, AZ

Your material is awesome! KM

Hi Cassandra, I hope business is going well. I recently
purchased your ebook the other day and I want to thank you for taking the
initiative to share your leanings. I actually completed reading the ebook the
same day and started immediately last week on this venture. I am 28 years old
and I am on a mission as my business starts up in November here in the Nashville
Area. I hope that I convey the enormous amount of momentum in direction that you
have given me and others like myself in this business. …
Take Care and Stay Blessed,
C. W.
Nashville, TN

I purchased your book on Thursday and finished on Saturday. I
was busy taking notes throughout the entire read. I am one of the casualties
from the home building industry… I have been out of work since February 2009.
… Your book has set me on FIRE!!!! I am starting the ground work for my
business on Monday. Thank you for sharing knowledge.
Susan G.
Marietta, GA

Hello Ms. Black, I purchased your book back in February and it
has been a great help in starting my own personal foreclosure clean up business
and for that I would like to thank you. I am grateful for your accurate guidance
Jamie P.
Parker, CO

Hello Foreclosure Cleanup. Hi think the book is great. I used
so much information from the book. … Thanks so much for the book. I think the
marketing information is key in this field, also the change in the market.
Again, thank you.
Ms. Callaway
Atlanta, GA

Cassandra, I bought one of you books on line last week and have
found it to be very helpful. …

Hello, my name is Nicole, I purchased your book about a week or
two ago. I’ve read the entire book and have gotten the ball rolling, I have
already started with registering my LLC … I am very excited about getting
started, and I wanted to say thank your for all of your help in you book. I
learned a lot and feel confident in getting started.

Hello, I recently purchased your ebook… the information and “Golden Nuggets” are priceless.
Brooke G.

Good Afternoon, I am in the process of starting a REO
cleanup/repair business and just purchased your ebook, which has proved to be
very informative, and well worth the price … thank you for providing so much
useful information on your site and ebook. We’re looking forward to jumping into
this growing business.
Richard P.
North Carolina

Cassandra, I just finished reading your book. Thank you so much
for all of the useful information you provided. I was surprised, and pleased,
that you provided so many examples of your experiences as well as
Mark K.
Strongsville, Ohio

Hello Ms. Black, my name is Amber R., and I am a current
college senior. I am interested in starting a foreclosure clean-up business,
therefore I purchased your e-book. Thank you so much for the wonderful
information, your specific experiences helped a lot.
Amber R.

Cassandra – We bought your book a few weeks back and are
finding it very helpful. We are setting up our business here in the Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

Good Morning Cassandra, I purchased your ebook yesterday and
could not stop reading it. I could not have written a more imformative book
myself. Thank you for not being one of those business owners who just want to
make a little more money by luring people in because of what they know and not
really giving what is needed to start and maintain a successful business. I
truly appreciate your clear consise instructions and your honesty.
Sandra D.
North Carolina

Hello Cassandra, after purchasing 2 books about starting a home
foreclosure cleaning business, I came across your website and decided to
purchase your book. Finally, I was not dissapointed. I read the whole book in 2
hours. It was extremely informative and helpful. Great Job!
Rachel L.
Atlanta, GA

Thanks for your help and your great book.
Mac S.
Phoenix, AZ

Hi Cassandra, I bought your foreclosure clean up book a few
weeks ago and love it! Your book is full of so much helpful information.

Hi Cassandra, my husband and I purchased your ebook on starting
up a foreclosure property clean up business and there is much valuealbe
information, thank you!
Cindy F.

I purchased your e-book. Wow thanks for all the information. My
wife and I started our cleaning business shortly after I retired from the military
just under 6 months ago. We have done a little of everything from construction
cleaning, foreclosures, and commercial and residential cleaning. The top 2 are
foreclosures and construction clean-ups. We have been getting our foreclosures
from a property preservation company. We have cleaned from 50 to 250 for closed
homes. We are assigned the janitorial and yard cut work. We purchased your book
in hopes of going to the next level of foreclosure cleaning, by getting our own
contracts and learning to place bids. We are now incorporated and praying that
our business reaches a level where we can help others.
Thank you,

I wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the valuable
information you provided in your book …
Kelli O.
Houston, Texas

Hi Cassandra: I purchased your e-book and want to thank you for
all of the info. What a time-saver! We have done everything you suggested –
license, insurance, web page, etc. …
Thanks again,
Jane G.

My husband and I are working on the business plan for a cleanup
business in Colorado and purchased your book. I have found it very helpful-thank
you for writing it! …
Marilyn K.

I just wanted to take a minute to commend you on your ebook
about the foreclosure cleanup business. I am a licensed general contractor,
certified home inspector and business owner of 8 years. I have been specializing
in upscale residential remodeling for a number of years. I have been trying to
expand my business services into the mortgage field services, property
preservation and foreclosure cleanout arenas. Your ebook has provided me with
some clear insight as to how to go about including this type of service in my
business. Thanks for taking the time to provide this valuable information in a
well written format. I will keep you posted on how things are going. Thank you
and God bless!
Columbus, OH

Hello Cassandra and thank you for your excellent book!
Mac S.
Naples, FL

I recently purchased your book and I am learning a lot about
starting my foreclosure cleaning business.
Betty G.

I’d like to say that I’ve been very impressed with your
customer service–that is something today which is so important. Again, thank
Gayle W.
Seattle, WA

Cassandra, just bought your book and I am very grateful for all this info…
Bob G.
Los Angeles, CA

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