Northland Company is Hiring REO / Property Preservation Contractors:

Northland Company is Hiring Property Preservation Contractors:


Northland Company is seeking REO / Property Preservation Vendors. They are specifically hiring contractors …


  • who can work independently (or have assistance if needed for certain assignments);
  • who employ a strong work ethic;
  • who are loyal and willing to do whatever it takes to complete an assignment;
  • who understand that a number of photographs need to be taken to perform contract; and
  • who are computer literate.

Note: If you currently performing Property Preservation / Foreclosure Cleanup type work, you will go to the top of the list. Also, VETERANAS will go to the top of list.


For More Information: Please see the Northland Company complete job posting at this link:


To Apply: Please apply online at this job posting link at


Source:  Monster


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Use the job listings on other pages of this blog (posted previously) as invaluable resources to get a solid “idea” about the types of jobs and contracts you can secure in the trashout industry for your company.  See newer job postings, gleaned from various websites, at  Thank you for your patience as we work to update the foreclosure cleanup blog job postings and property preservation blog content.

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