How to Jumpstart Your Foreclosure Clean-up & REO Trash Out Business this Year with New Contracts


Local housing authorities can be fertile outlets for foreclosure cleanup, real estate cleaning, and other relative small business contracts. As a small enterprise in any area of real estate contracting, a plethora of vendor opportunities exist.

Housing Authorities are Solid Outlets for Vendor Contracts in 2013

Your county’s local housing authorities (“HA”) can be good outlets for foreclosure cleanup, real estate cleaning, and other relative small business contracts. As a small business in any area of real estate contracting, a plethora of vendor opportunities exist. Why? Because several cities across the nation have benefited from millions in stimulus money poured directly into Housing Authority coffers.

Millions in Stimulus Money Dispensed to Individual Housing Authorities throughout U.S.

For example, Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority in Virginia previously received $9.2 million in stimulus money; New Orleans was granted approximately $35 million; Tampa, Florida benefitted from $10.5 million; and the federal government issued Chicago’s Authority approximately $200 million in stimulus funds, most of which was slated to assist with rehabbing and building homes. And the list goes on and on.

A good deal of the stimulus funds are being used to revitalize neighborhoods and to rehab existing housing.

Have You Registered Your Small Business?

If you are a real estate contractor such as a property preservation or foreclosure cleaning and debris removal business, inspector, landscaper, hauler, electrician, appraiser, plumbing company, and the like, you can register your business with your local offices; and many of the vendor applications for contracts are available via the internet.

How Does the Housing Authority Registration Process Work?

First, real estate contracting businesses should seek out the appropriate offices with which to register as a vendor. Many cities have more than one office or department servicing an area, so make sure you research the right branch with which to register your foreclosure cleaning or real contracting enterprise.

NOTE: Register your foreclosure cleanup business with offices in areas that are in close proximity to your business’ home-base so you can properly service the contracts as they come to you.

Housing Authority Applications

Once you find the correct housing authority office with which to register your foreclosure cleanup or contracting business, simply visit their websites and start completing applications online.

Required Follow-up through Mail or Fax

You may have to send follow-up information through the mail or via fax to complete the HA’s formal application process (for example, a completed W-9 Form, a current copy of business license, proof of liability or other insurance, etc.). But you can get started immediately by completing electronic applications via the internet for your foreclosure cleanup business or real estate contracting business.

Once at the appropriate office’s website, you will be looking for clickable links that state something like the following:  Contracting Opportunities, Business Opportunities, Vendor Opportunities, Doing Business with the Housing Authority, etc. When you click the correct  links, you will be taken to an online vendor form (the application may very well be labeled a procurement application, depending on the particular office).

Tying Up the Application

To finish the process, simply complete the application as instructed and send out the required follow-up material.  

Bid Solicitations Will Start Rolling In

From there, you will start getting job bid solicitations, or “request for proposals” (RFPs) from the housing authorities with which you register. You should also regularly check the HA’s website to find out which jobs are open for bids. Search a housing authority’s website for links like “Current Opportunities” or “Current Solicitations.”

Once your company begins receiving bid solicitations, you can start competing for lucrative contracts for your foreclosure cleaning business ( and real estate contracting enterprise.

Good luck registering your foreclosure cleanup business or your contracting service with your local housing authorities for contracting opportunities, and continued success growing your foreclosure cleanup business in 2013 and beyond!


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