Property Preservation JOB via Construction Company: Unlocking Vacant Homes, Assessing Damage, Debris Removal, Winterization Work, Lawn Care, Etc.

Property Preservation HELP WANTED Construction Company: Unlocking Vacant Homes, Assessing Damage, Debris Removal, Winterization Work, Lawn Maintenance, Etc.

Best Buy Construction is a property preservation business that handles properties going through foreclosure. They are looking for a knowledgeable and reliable (and respectful) individual to handle property preservation duties. All work orders need to be completed timely. Applicants must possess good customer relations skills.

This individual must have a thorough comprehension of all systems in typical houses, commercial office buildings, and apartment buildings.

Skills Needed: Electrical, plumbing, carpentry and HVAC. Please note that licensure in these categories is not a requirement, but hands-on experience with all the listed skills is a must. Job Duties Include:

  • Property preservation tasks involving foreclosures
  • Unlocking vacant homes, removing debris, assessing damage, bringing properties up to “conveyance” condition (SEE NOTE** BELOW RE: CONVEYANCE)
  • Making decisions as to what actions are required and completing actions
  • Changing locks, winterization work, lawn maintenance, etc.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Test
  • Demonstration of Required Trade Skills
  • Reliable Vehicle (with proof of insurance and driver’s license)
  • Respectful Phone and Interpersonal Skills
  • Physical Fitness (able to perform various tasks including occasional heavy lifting; ability to lift over eighty pounds)
  • Ability to Follow Directions without Supervision
  • Good Problemsolving Skills (and the ability to use them quickly)

How to Apply:  To apply for this position, simply email your resume (include references) to: (This company prefers email contact.)

Contact Name: Todd Hendry
City/State/Zip:  Rosemount, Minnesota (Zip Code:  55068)

**Note: We discuss conveyance condition requirements in the Foreclosure Cleanup Pricing Guide and the How To Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business eBook. Generally, in the property preservation industry, conveyance condition refers to the condition in which the property must be, per HUD guidelines, before the property can be transferred, or conveyed, to HUD. Conveyance conditions can vary based on many factors.

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