Tips to Get Your Foreclosure Cleanup Marketing Wheels Turning

Marketing Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Below is a “stock” marketing email I send to new biz owners to get their marketing wheels turning… hopefully it will give you some ideas for getting clients — esp. realtors and brokers, too. Cassandra Black



Here are some marketing tips to get you brainstorming for your area … the key is consistency and bull-dog mentality…


–How many times have you touched your realtor database list (you should have one with no less than 1,000 realtors)? Remember it needs to be consistent contact and consistent follow-up. After you’ve touched the realtors via email, physically mail them your business card, call them and leave a voicemail if you don’t reach them, send them a postcard, pop by the broker’s office(s) to leave a flier, etc., each time saying your company name and asking if they have a property for which they need an immediate estimate.


Tips on building a realtor database: time consuming compiling a realtor database, but it’s necessary. Some of the smaller brokerages have websites where email addresses are easily available, but, for the most part, most of the email addresses are disguised, especially for the larger brokerages … search your local multiple listing service (MLS). With some of them, you can search a “company” name and pull up all the agents for the company. From there, you can often find email addresses. I know, it’s painstaking, but necessary to build a list. But it will be worth it in the end.


–Register with several property preservation companies. You can’t stop at the one… search for “property preservation companies” or property preservation businesses” via sites like


–Place and replace ads advertising your business’ services on free sites at least every 3 days… you may need to reword each one slightly so they are not considered duplicates (especially on


–Have you tried postcard mailings? It will be an expense, but postcards really do work.


–Have you sent mailers to your local housing authorities, county commissioners, homeowners’ associations, builders’ associations and like organizations? Any and everyone “real estate” should know about your business in your city.


–Also, reach our directly to builders and larger REO companies. Just scour the web for contact info and get on the phone.


–Also, please read all the articles on the blog and all the old newsletter posts… We really do provide some solid insight in those written pieces about marketing your business. Please devour everything on our blogs and in our old newsletters. Many of your marketing answers will surely be there re: the editorials answer many start-up questions in-depth.


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–Further, visit these Small Business Administration links to get your marketing juices flowing, too:
The above should give you a good marketing head-start for new clients.
Good luck!


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