Free Foreclosure Cleaning Business Marketing Letter

Jul - 08

Free Foreclosure Cleaning Business Marketing Letter

Free Foreclosure Cleanup Marketing Letter (Word and PDF Versions)

Hi Business Owners,

I hope your week is going well.

In this issue I’m sharing links to a free SAMPLE marketing letter you can duplicate and use in your foreclosure cleanup business. This is the same marketing letter we used in our business, over and over again, to successfully get new clients.

Feel free to copy it, personalize it, and use as your own.

I’ve included a link to the PDF version and the MS Word version for your ease in copying. (The PDF version may take a minute to download.)

Note: The letter, along with many other marketing samples, is featured in the How to Market Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business: A Step-by-Step, Shoestring Marketing Guide for Foreclosure Cleaning Business Owners. See  You can also find the marketing book on Amazon (Kindle format) and Barnes and Noble (NOOK format.)

Good luck with your marketing efforts this week!

Cassandra Black

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