How to Get More Foreclosure Cleanup Work in Your City or Town

How to Get More Foreclosure Cleanup Work in Your City or Town

A great way to get more foreclosure cleaning business in your city or town is to partner with REO agents, (foreclosure realtors). Many real estate agents work exclusively with REO (real estate owned) properties. Traditionally, these agents get property listings, in bulk, directly from banks. REO agents are then responsible for marketing and ultimately selling these homes.

Below are some tactics you can use to partner with these real estate agents to grow your REO cleanup and trash out business.

How to Contact REO Agents

Contact REO agents via phone and introduce your services. Tell them you’d like to meet with them to discuss how you can “help them” sell more homes. Notice I put a quote around “help them.” Why? Because most people want to know how you can assist them. The most successful sales messages will almost always include benefits the client or potential buyer of your services will receive by doing business with you.

Middle of Night Tactics

Tip on Cold Calling: If you’re uncomfortable with cold calling, you’re not alone. Most people don’t like to make cold calls. You can break the ice for yourself by using middle-of-the-night tactics discussed in the article at this link to make cold calls: (How to Market Your REO Trash Out Business in a Tough Market Using an Old Fashioned Tactic).

Follow-up a second time via phone after you’ve left a first voicemail message in effort to get a meeting. This way, the real estate agent will have heard your company name, and will know something about your business. On that second follow-up call, ask the realtor if you can meet with them briefly to discuss your proposal for partnership to help them sell more foreclosures. You can stop by their broker’s office or take them out for a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop to discuss.

Simple Proposal for Partnership

Your proposal to REO agents to help them sell more homes (and ultimately help you get more business) can be simple. Relay to them that your REO cleanup, trash out and real estate maintenance company can be their point of contact for cleanup, maintenance, and repairs for buyers who purchase their homes. You can simply offer to leave a before and after flier or postcard on the counters of each of their listings. These fliers or postcards can show pictures of work your company has completed. If your foreclosure cleaning and trash out business is new, the fliers or postcards can show generic before and after cleanup photos. Look for stock, royalty-free images online.

These pictures can show a home before it has been cleared out, cleanup up, painted, had yard work completed, etc., and the resulting photos after the work has been done.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Before and after photos can help move customers to act, so use color printouts or professionally printed postcards. There are tons of low-cost online printers with in-house templates you can use to drag and drop in your photos and your company’s advertising message.

Along with your flier or postcard, leave a card holder with some of your small business cards so potential buyers can take one with them after they visit the home listings of realtors you’re partnering with.

Getting Your Contact Info in Hands of Homebuyers

Whether or not the buyer purchases that particular real estate agent’s home listing, they will have your small business contact information, which should be one of your main goals in the partnership.

In many instances, buyers will view foreclosures differently after seeing your photos, which will help sell REO homes more quickly. And this is because, after seeing your before and after foreclosure cleanup and maintenance photos, that buyer can picture a home not as it currently is, but as what it can be after a little work.

As an investor and as a card-carrying realtor having worked with buyers before, sometimes you have to paint a picture for the buyer so they can look past cleanup and cosmetic repairs. Your before and after pictures, which could have nothing to do with the home being sold, will help buyers move one step closer to purchasing a distressed home. Any REO agent will appreciate an effort like this to help them sell more homes.

So, scour the web and find a list of REO agents in your city or town. And reach out to them and try to get a meeting. Remember, your goal is to meet with them to discuss partnering on the above level in effort to help them sell more homes, which in turn will help you get more REO cleanup, trash out and real estate maintenance work.

Continued success with your foreclosure cleaning business.

Cassandra Black,

Cassandra Black is a Foreclosure Cleaning Business Consultant, the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business and several foreclosure cleaning industry and mortgage field services Guides, Reports and Forms available via Stone Cottage Books and Amazon. She is also CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC. Follow Cassandra and Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC on Twitter.


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