Recent Gallup Poll about Homeownership Can Mean More Work for Small Real Estate and Maintenance Contractors

Recent Gallup Poll about Homeownership Can Mean More Work for Small Real Estate and Maintenance Contractors

A recent Gallup Poll states the majority of Americans either own or plan to own a home within 10 years. This anticipated buyer activity can mean more work for smaller real estate contractors.

An interesting Gallup Poll recently stated that 81% of Americans either already own a residence or plan to own a home over the next decade. This can lead to severe homebuyer activity over the next several years, which is good news for the market.

More Work for Real Estate Maintenance and Cleaning Services

What can this mean for smaller foreclosure cleanup and real estate maintenance companies servicing the industry? It can mean more work. How? Many homebuyers will be buying foreclosures at a rock-bottom sticker price. And most foreclosure homes will naturally need some kind of repair and maintenance work after buyers close on their home. In fact, one of our first foreclosure cleanup jobs at Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC in the Atlanta area was working with one such a purchaser.

The homebuyer had just purchased a foreclosure. Our small company at the time handled everything from interior cleanup, to yard work, to pressure washing, cleaning the gutters, fence repair, painting, and more on that foreclosure. The homebuyer wanted to move into the residence as soon as possible, so we handled everything for him as a one-stop-shop within a matter of days.

In the end, the job wound up being a sweet invoice for us. This particular job, its pricing, timeline, and services are discussed in detail in How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business (see at

How to Position Your Foreclosure Cleaning Business for Long-term Growth

As an REO cleaning company, remember to position your foreclosure cleanup business to capture regular “real estate” cleanup work as well. This way, you’re not seen as a small business that works ONLY with foreclosures. See versus to get an idea of how to structure your company’s websites. Our company effectively set up two different “personalities” from the beginning, which helped us land more clients. Our parent company is listed as Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC, so invoices for the Real Estate Cleanup division are created using that name.

Remember, your foreclosure cleanup service will, in essence, be offering a bulk of services that are  the exact same services offered under the general real estate cleanup umbrella; but some clients may not call if they think you only offer foreclosure cleanup.  So be proactive and position your company to capture that “general” business from the outset.

One day, the foreclosure craze will be over, but your cleanup and maintenance business will still be thriving as a general real estate cleanup company if you follow this trick.  (This is also discussed in detail in How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business and in some of the blog posts at and

Find the full Gallup Poll article at a link within this post that discusses homeownership projections for the next decade:

Continued success with your foreclosure cleaning and real estate cleanup business.

Cassandra Black

Cassandra Black is a Foreclosure Cleaning Business Consultant, the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business and several foreclosure cleaning industry and mortgage field services Guides, Reports and Forms available via Stone Cottage Books and Amazon. She is also CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC. Follow Cassandra and Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC on Twitter.

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