Foreclosure Cleaning Industry: Free Highlights from the National Property Preservation Conference

Foreclosure Cleaning Industry:  Free Highlights from the National Property Preservation Conference

Each year, Safeguard Properties, a leader in the property preservation industry and the largest privately held field services company in the nation, holds a Property Preservation conference. It’s entitled the “National Property Preservation Conference.”

The Conference invites leaders from a broad spectrum within the preservation and real estate industry to network and speak about the state of foreclosure cleanup, property preservation, and related issues. The conference is a good one to attend for new and seasoned foreclosure cleanup business owners; but the sticker price to attend can be expensive for new businesses.  For example, this past year, the registration fee to attend the National Property Preservation Conference 2012, held November 7-9, in Chicago, was $725.

But as a small business owner, you can be privy to information shared at 2012’s conference. Many of the topics are slanted toward larger property preservation companies, but the conferences provide good insight on industry policies, procedures and changes, that can help smaller companies working the industry. See below to get a glimpse of what was shared at the last conference in November.

Free Highlights from the Last National Property Preservation Conference

Visit Safeguard’s website to view 2012 conference summaries, videos presentations and more.


Tuck the link away and use as your “industry reading” over the next few weeks. Some great information is shared by industry leaders to keep you abreast of happenings in the foreclosure cleanup and property preservation industry. Industry reading like this will inevitably spark new ideas for networking, marketing, and ultimately getting new business for your company.

Have a super day. Until next time …

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