Foreclosure Cleaning: 10 Easy Small Business Networking Tips

10 Tips to “Easy Networking” Tips to Help You Grow Your Small Business

Below are ten easy networking tips to help you spread the word about your small business and ultimately land more clients.

1. Remember, networking is about developing small business relationships. Interact genuinely and honestly and it will go a long way in building long-term foreclosure cleanup relationships.

2. Start out with a goal when you attend a networking event. (Also see number eight below when it comes to having a networking goal.)

3. Participate, participate, participate.  Interact in as many small business networking opportunities as you possibly can to make contact with potential future foreclosure cleaning clients.

4. Volunteer at organizations you have an interest in helping.  You will inevitably meet other entrepreneurs who share your similar interests. Volunteering will make it easier to network and grow your REO trash out company.

5. Ask questions that are open-ended when meeting new people when networking and working the room of a gathering.  This tactic will allow for an even give and take and will open the door for the person you are speaking with to share plenty of information about them and their business. Also, this will go a long way in making your follow-up and follow-thru easier. For example, when you send the person you’ve met a “glad to meet you” follow-up note card a few days later, you can say, “It was nice hearing about your expansion plans. Feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.”

6. Be a valuable resource to those you meet when moving around the room of an event.  Listen to other entrepreneurs so you can really decipher what other small business owners may need from you and your business in the future. You’ll be better prepared to make the appropriate services available to them. The key is simply to listen.

7. Make yourself and your interaction memorable.  There will be many other small business owners at the networking event.  Have a unique foreclosure cleanup business card, share unique stories, provide memorable give-a-ways, if appropriate, so individuals remember you and your foreclosure cleaning company.

8. Be clear about what you want to gain from the business outing. For example, do you want to circle the room and have meaningful contact with 10 new people so you can add them to your database of potential cleanup clients? Do you want to have conversations that will open the door to an in-person meeting beyond the event so you can discuss a mutually beneficial relationship? Have a goal in mind as you enter the doors of the event.

9. Follow up within a week or so with other small business owners you’ve met at the social/business event.  You can give a quick call saying, “It was really nice to meet you, let’s stay in touch.” Or, you can send a quick letter or note card thanking them for taking a moment to speak with you. After you’ve met a small business owner at an outing, your second “touch” will be a warm one. Don’t miss an opportunity by NOT following up within a week or so after the event with a card or letter from our foreclosure clean-up company.

10. Have fun, be positive and relax.  You will enjoy the event and people will naturally gravitate to you and your foreclosure cleaning business.

Good luck networking to grow your business over the next several months.

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