8 Tips for Starting Your Business While Still Employed

8 Tips for Starting Your Business While Working a Full-time Job

Below are some tips to guide you if you’re starting your business while working a job.

Depending on how much time you have each week to put in at work, you may not have much time left for your new business. The catch is that if you want to be a successful full-time entrepreneur, you have to build up your company so you’ll still be able to pay your bills as you work the business and still have your job initially. It can be difficult to give up the security of a regular paycheck to pursue opening your new business. I know; I’ve lived it.

But it’s more than possible.

The article below profiles a previous editorial on CNN Living that can help guide you.  How can you effectively balance being a full-time employee while starting your new company? See http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/worklife/05/19/cb.start.biz.while.working/index.html for eight helpful tips.

Much success to you!


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