Foreclosure Cleaning — Easy Small Business Promo that Works to Bring You New Clients Every Day of the Week

Foreclosure Cleaning — Easy Small Business Promo that Works to Bring You New Clients Every Day of the Week

Car Magnets are a great way to get exposure for your foreclosure cleaning and REO trash out business when you’re working at a job site and when you’re not.  These are simple magnets (with a printed advertising message) that adhere to the sides of your small business truck, car or van.  They work wonders in making your foreclosure cleanup business look official when you’re working a job. And, even when you’re not working (for example, just driving to the grocery store or the bank), this low-cost advertising outlet is a good way to get your foreclosure clean-up service company’s name and phone number out there in your neighborhood.

Car magnets can range in size (small, medium, large) and price. Expect to pay from a low of approximately $8 per magnet to $30 and up.  The medium-sized, lower cost magnets work fine.  Make sure you choose fonts that are easy to read and colors that are easy to digest. At minimum, list your company name and your phone number on the foreclosure cleaning magnet. If you have space, add your website address so potential customers can know where to go to find out more about your REO trash out company.  See a sample magnet below to get your creative juices flowing:

Click to see full size image.

You can order this popular small business advertising product at a local sign shop in your
own neighborhood, or online at printing outlets. Simply do an internet search for “car magnets” and see what pops up.

If you choose a local small business sign shop in your neighborhood, they will gladly help you with layout and design.  Turnaround time is usually 1-3 days. If you choose an online printing vendor, these websites will have built-in software and graphics that will make designing your own small business car magnet a breeze, and most of them deliver pretty quickly.  Most small business sign vendors offer discounted prices when you order sets of two.

Small Business Car Sign Tip: Over time, car magnets will succumb to the elements and start to lose their coloring. Replace your car magnets when they start to fade out so they stay looking new and fresh.

Remember, one of the keys to success in business is staying in front of customers (potential customers, new clients and old customers). The use of small business car magnets will accomplish this goal for you daily, with little effort beyond your initial order.

Good luck with your new foreclosure cleaning business vehicle magnets.

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