Foreclosure Cleaning — Helpful Tips for Your First Marketing Letter to Potential Clients

Foreclosure Cleaning Business Marketing — Seven Tips for Creating an Intro Mailer to Potential Clients

Foreclosure Cleaning — Helpful Tips for Your First Marketing Letter to Potential Clients

As a foreclosure cleaning service, you will be reaching out to potential customers and clients like real estate agents, real estate brokers, banks, mortgage companies, foreclosure investors, home buyers, and larger property preservation companies for foreclosure cleanup and inspection jobs. Below are some helpful tips on what to include in your business introduction letter to potential new clients.

Helpful Tips for Your First Marketing Letter to Potential Clients

1. Include your full contact information. If your company is operated from your home, include a post office box as your return address.  (Visit the United States Postal Service via the internet.)

2. Include easy-to-understand information about your foreclosure clean-up business, outlining your list of foreclosure cleaning services. Highlight the direct benefits of your company’s services for the customer.

3. Provide the potential customer with a way to receive more information from your business. For example, ask them to send an email if they would like to be included on your company’s newsletter mailing list. Explain how they will benefit by being on your newsletter mailing list.

4.  Let your marketing message work for you 24/7 by including website address.  Your website need not be fancy, with bells and whistles; just clean and concise with basic information about your foreclosure clean-up company’s products and services.

5.  When you’re talking to potential clients, explain why using your trashout company is a positive over using a competitor’s services. (See for an example of this tip and an example of tip number three above.)

6.  End your business introduction letter by telling the potential client you will contact them directly in a short, defined period of time with a phone call. During this phone conference, your goal will be to ink a face-to-face meeting. Customers do business with companies they know and like. Getting in front of clients in person will help move your company to the top of the client’s contact database.

7.  Take some time and review your correspondence in detail so it is free of typos and writing errors.  (Remember to include your foreclosure cleaning business card.)

Successful Marketing Letter Basics

The above are basic tips you can include in your foreclosure cleanup business introduction letter to potential clients.   A simple marketing piece like this can work for you and your foreclosure cleaning business for years to come. See for more information and examples of some of the tips above.

Foreclosure Clean-up Marketing Samples and Marketing Pieces

For in-depth samples of sales letters and other effective foreclosure cleanup business marketing pieces, see the Foreclosure Cleanup Marketing Guide at


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