Foreclosure Cleaning — How to Create a Quick, Effective Small Business Introduction Letter

How to Create a Quick, Effective Small Business Introduction Letter — Seven Tips and What to Include

As a foreclosure cleanup business owner, you will be touching potential clients like realtors and brokers, lenders, investors, buyers, larger property preservation companies, and other like companies for subcontracts, referrals and overflow. Below are seven tips on what to include in a quick small business introduction letter.

1.  Include the formal name, phone number, email and mailing address of your business on your letterhead.*  (If you own a home-based business, include your PO Box address. Click here to sign up for a PO Box address:  Tell the potential client about your business. For example, you may mention how long you’ve been in business (it’s okay to say you’re a new company); how you got started in your business; your overall goals and how those goals will benefit the potential client; etc.

2.  Identify your company’s services and then clearly articulate the benefits your company’s services will provide the reader.

3.  When you are targeting potential clients directly with your intro letter (versus contacting competing colleagues), you will want to tell those potential clients why using your company’s service will benefit them over using another service. For example, if you are a one-stop-shop, tell them when they hire your foreclosure company they will benefit by dealing with only “one” company, versus having to hire three or four different businesses to perhaps handle trash out work, lawn care jobs, minor repairs, gutter cleaning, etc.

4. Invite the reader to receive more information from you via a newsletter, a full company brochure, or an in-person meeting.

5.  Don’t forget to include your company’s website address so they can get more information about your business.   If you don’t have a website, dig around the web and learn how to put up a simple website. It does not have to be fancy, but to compete effectively you really need a static web page that should list your company’s services and contact info.   Register your small business website address at sites like  Or sign up for a free 30-day trial website at sites like (To get started with, click on “Try It” Free for 30 Days and then visit the Site Building Tools link).

6.  Close your small business introduction letter by expressing you look forward to having the reader as a client — and thank them for consideration of your correspondence. Tell them you will follow-up with a phone call over the next week to put a voice behind the letter and to answer any questions they may have.  (During that phone conversation, you can pitch the in-person meeting again.)

7.  *NOTE:  Your company letterhead can be created quickly in MS Word or a similar program. It does not have to be fancy or ordered from a printer.  For example, to create quick letterhead, just type your company name in large letters (approx. 14 point type, bold) at the top of a page, centering it.  Then, use your underscore key to quickly create a horizontal line (center it, too). Next, center your contact info in smaller type (i.e., 10 point type) under the underscore. Finally, drop down a few spaces and type the date, and then start your letter (flush left), including the name and address of the person you are writing. Close your letter with “Sincerely,” and your name.   Make sure your letter is free of typos and grammatical errors.

The above are basics you can include in your small business introduction letter to potential clients.  For in-depth samples of sales letters and foreclosure cleaning marketing pieces, see the Foreclosure Cleanup Marketing Guide at
Cassandra Black is a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Consultant, the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, and several foreclosure cleanup industry Guides, Reports and Forms available via Stone Cottage Books and Amazon. She is also CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC and a Real Estate Investor and Landlord. Follow Cassandra and Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC on Twitter. Check back often for more How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business: FREE Articles & Advice posts.
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