Foreclosure Cleaning Business Q&A re: Utilities / Starting Business

Nov - 07

Foreclosure Cleaning Business Q&A re: Utilities / Starting Business

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In this Issue: In this issue I’ve shared a Q&A re: utilities and business start-up in hopes it will guide you in your own businesses.  Please be safe. Until next time … (see newsletter excerpt below)

Cassandra Black
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Question & Answer re: Foreclosure Cleanup Utilities and Start-up

Trashout Electric and Water; Small Business Start-up Q&A

Question: I recently bought your book and was looking over the 3 in 1 contract and noticed in the disclaimer that you mention that the customer will provide electric and water for the job in hand. My question is, do most customers agree to this or do you wind up having to bring a generator along with you to complete the job?

Also my biggest question is, how much does it normally take to get started in this business? I’ve been doing my research and hard thinking about everything, but the only thing that keeps changing is how much it’ll cost to get everything started. Because prices change, insurance quotes change (auto and business). Not trying to burden you, just something I would like to know from someone that has been doing this for a while…Thank you for any and all info you can give me. P.G.

Answer: Hi P.G. Congratulations on planning your business. Whether or not the customer will turn on the power will depend on who the customer is. For example, if it’s a buyer who has just purchased the foreclosure, they will turn the power and water on, likely, because they will want the work done ASAP so they can move in or move tenants in. If it’s a realtor working for a bank, they may or may not have the power on, depending on that bank, and how many properties they manage. If you don’t own a generator and water source, consider renting the necessary equipment. If you can’t take on the jobs initially with no power/water due to cost of renting the equipment, don’t take them on.

Here are a few good articles re: start-up costs and power, etc… You can get started for as little as a few hundred (insurance, biz cards, biz license) if you already have a vehicle and some equipment. It really depends on the services you choose to offer and how much equipment you have on hand. See the following for more info:

Please devour everything on our blogs and in our old newsletters (lot of good, FREE info about the industry). Many of your answers will surely be there re: the editorials answer many start-up questions in-depth.


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Again, a big congratulations on planning your business! You’ll do just fine. 🙂 Cassandra