Foreclosure Cleaning — How to Use Accountability Meetings to Grow

Foreclosure Cleaning:  How to Use Accountability Meetings to Grow Your Small Business

Accountability meetings can be invaluable in growing a foreclosure cleaning business.  These sessions, whether formal or informal, are meetings designed to help businesses stay on course. This is how they work: After you’ve weighed what you want to achieve in your company, and determined how you want to get it, you simply meet regularly with a business colleague to measure your progress.

Structure of Your Small Business Meetings

Your meetings can take place daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or once a year. You can meet as little or as often as you want. There are no hard and fast rules.  You and your accountability partner can structure your meeting time however you’d like.

If you have a colleague down the hall or down the block from you, consider meeting regularly, though. You don’t always have to meet in person; email and phone both work fine in conjunction with periodic in-person meetings.  See an example below.

Foreclosure Cleanup: Example of Accountability Meeting Process

Some time back, my accountability partner (who happens to be my big sister, an internet entrepreneur) implemented meetings to keep both our companies on track.  This is how our meetings work:  Each day, we email each other our tasks for the next day. For example, on a Monday evening, at the end of my work day, I will email my sister my foreclosure cleanup consulting business task list for the next day. The task list for Tuesday will simply include a list of items I want to have accomplished by the close of business on Tuesday. My sister will send me her list, following the same pattern

More often than not, my list will include foreclosure cleaning time-blocking, which is simply a breakdown, hour by hour, of when I’ll perform specific tasks during my day. (Time blocking will help you keep your daily task list under control. When many business owners start time blocking, they realize quickly they need to find more hours in the day to get everything done.)

When I wake up Tuesday morning, my foreclosure clean-up consulting task list is sitting atop my laptop. I already know what’s on tap for that day.

At the end Tuesday, sis and I will “meet” to discuss our respective lists. Many times, our “meetings” take place via phone or email. In email instances, we re-email each other the same accountability list sent the day before and type DONE or NOT DONE by each task. If we don’t complete a task, we type out why we didn’t next to the task in the email.

When we meet in person, we simply sit on one of our respective porches (we both work at home) with our printouts and discuss the following:  what we completed successfully; what we didn’t complete; and, most importantly, why we didn’t complete a task or set of tasks.

Accountability Meetings Drive Foreclosure Clean-up Small Business Progress

These informal accountability sessions keep us both on track and drive progress in both our companies.

Large companies do this all the time in more formal ways and often with a group of people from each company.  These meetings are very effective in keeping companies on task in meeting their goals, organizationally and financially.

Remember the double-edged sword of “ideas, ideas, ideas” can be the blessing and curse of the entrepreneur.  It’s easy to get side-tracked in your businesses and stray from reaching your goals.

Find a Foreclosure Cleanup Meeting Partner

If you don’t have an accountability partner, find one and start your informal meetings. Remember, you don’t have to always meet in person; email or phone will work fine. But at some point, meet in-person to discuss your goals and the steps being taken to reach your goals.  The key is to be brutally honest with your accountability partner, and he or she will be brutally honest with you.

It’s best to partner with another grassroots entrepreneur so they understand the challenges unique to small business owners. Go to chamber meetings, networking outlets, and gatherings in your community so you can connect with other business owners and connect with like people. If you have entrepreneurs in your family, reach out to them and discuss arranging informal sessions so you can benefit from each other.

Ears Wide Open

Congratulate your accountability when they complete their task list and question them when they don’t. Ask them why they didn’t meet their goals if they fall short. Really listen to what they have to say. They, in turn, should do the same for you and your foreclosure cleanup business.

Accountability meetings can resemble small business therapy; they permit you to face what you’ve put on your plate and assist you in changing courses when you need to.

Learn and Grow

It’s good to have a sounding board in your foreclosure cleaning business, and an accountability partner can be invaluable in getting your business to the next level. You’ll learn from each other and grow as a result.

Give it a shot and see how this valuable interchange with another entrepreneur can help you accomplish your foreclosure cleanup and small business goals.


Cassandra Black is a foreclosure cleaning business consultant and small business author. She has written several books, reports and forms about entrepreneurship and the foreclosure cleanup industry published by Stone Cottage Books.  She is also the author of a children’s picture book about entrepreneurship entitled When I’m Big and Grown. Cassandra’s next book, How to Start & Finance a Small Business While Collecting Unemployment, will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (new release date TBD).

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