The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

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The Stuff Dreams are Made Of …


Originally published October 2012.

Hi Everyone,

I hope your day is going well. What a debate last night. No matter your choice, America is a great country, and we have two fine presidential candidates. Hats off to both of them!

In this Issue: In this issue, I’ve touched on sacrifice. Anything worth having requires it, and I’ve shared some personal stuff below in hopes it keeps you moving forward and up, up, up! You deserve the best, in business and in life, and if you’re willing to do the work, the sky is the limit. See below.  Until next time … Cassandra Black, Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC


Words On “Sacrifice” — I’m sitting in my tiny Atlanta bungalow FREEZING my toosh off with a space heater. It’s cold this morning (written before sun-up), and this very second I’m reminded of sacrifice.

Personally, I’ve made some strategic, yet drastic, changes over the last 18 months so I can soon spend more time at the little hut I’m building on a wee budget by the sea in Negril. That’s me below in we’ll just say “warmer” moments at my half-finished Caribbean cottage:

Cassandra Black, Negril

The Cost of Dreams:
The price I’ve chosen to pay for that dream is to live in a smaller home in Atlanta. It’s an old home, with no central air and heat, “well water” that’s not always the right color, and electric screaming for rewiring.

My friends think I’m nuts, and how I live can be, honestly, kind of embarrassing sometimes, considering how I lived before. (I’m human, and I have those moments.) But this old house is so cheap, on a great piece of land, and I will have it paid off in less than two years. Then I will be debt-free, can rehab it, and go back and forth to the tropics with no money worries.

Doing What it Takes? Are you doing what’s required to get you to the next level? I hope a tiny picture of me freezing in my little Atlanta home so I can expand a dream will push you forward in your businesses.

Worth Having: Remember, anything worth having will require sacrifice. It’s the very stuff entrepreneurs are made of.

Whatever your dreams are, in business and in your personal lives, protect them, nurture them, and make them a reality. Keep moving forward; keep reaching up. You’ll be glad you did.

I hope to see you in “warmer” climates one day … that’ll be me with the big hat under the palm tree with a rum punch … (now for a second pair of socks to warm my frozen toes!) 🙂



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Cassandra Black is a foreclosure cleaning business consultant and small business author. She has written several books, reports and forms about entrepreneurship and the foreclosure cleanup industry. She is also the author of a children’s picture book about entrepreneurship entitled When I’m Big and Grown. Cassandra’s next book, How to Start & Finance a Small Business While Collecting Unemployment, will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (new release date TBD).

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