Foreclosure Cleanup: How to Keep Your Small Business Mojo!

Forelosure Cleaning — How to Keep Your “Mojo” and Stay Motivated as a Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, it’s sometimes tough to stay the course. You can often feel like you’re in a vacuum, all by yourself. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with other business owners so you stay motivated and get that lift you need when you’re in a tough spot. You can have a spouse, best friend, or colleague, who is very supportive of you on all fronts. But many times, unless they are in a grassroots entrepreneurial situation, starting and growing a business from scratch, they just may not “get it,” through no fault of their own.

Here are some small business tips and videos to keep you motivated as you start and grow your foreclosure cleanup business.


Network with other small businesses in your area. You can find free meetings to attend in most cities. Go to these meetings and sit in the room so you can soak up the experiences and energy of other grassroots businesses like your own. You can visit most Chamber of Commerce meetings that first time for free. To continue going, you may have to pay an annual membership fee, but take advantage of that first free meeting to network and just be around other small business owners.

Small Business Workshops and Classes

Also, attend workshops at your local SBA (Small Business Administration Office). Visit for more information about the SBA. The organization is paid for by our tax dollars and there is a wealth of information available through them. Use it. The SBA has many “arms,” too, that you should utilize. For example, if you are a woman-owned company, you can benefit from the guidance of organizations like the Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) located throughout the Untied States.

By attending SBA workshops and classes, you will meet other small business owners who may be having the same experiences you are having with your company. By networking like this, you all will learn from each other — and you will develop a life-long network that can help your business flourish. (Without even realizing it, you will also be building a referral base for your business.)

Industry Events

Attend events and meetings related to your industry. For example, as a foreclosure cleanup business, you may want to attend free real estate investor meetings in your city. This will put you front and center with people who could very well be future clients. Even attending real estate open houses is a form a networking. (Most realtors don’t hold open houses to sell the property; they hold them to network and to garner a list of buyers seeking homes.)

Go and meet realtors and brokers in your area; learn about your industry. Network!

Organization Meetings

As a foreclosure cleaning company, you should also attend free “builder” organization meetings. For example, locate your area’s local Builders’ associations and attend events offered by the organization in or near your city.

Government Meetings

Also, frequent County Commissioner meetings to see what’s going on in your community, what legislation is up for discussion, what zoning and building permits are being discussed. This way, you will be around people who directly impact your industry.

Marketing Ideas Out of Nowhere

You’ll be surprised; through these types of outings you will be hit with marketing ideas for your small business. More importantly, you will stay motivated in growing your business because you will see future clients right in front of you. All the while, you will be building your future clients list.

“Waller” in the Success of Others

Another way to stay motivated in your business is to immerse yourself in the success of other small businesses. You can do this by scouring the internet to find success stories of other companies. Reading small business success information will be like an entrepreneurial vitamin.

These success stories will remind you that you can do it … “Stay the course.” (This is one of my favorite lines from the movie The Patriot. See trailer at

I’ve posted links to videos below from the SBA’s website about small businesses that are now thriving operations. One truly grassroots operation started with two hundred bucks in 2006 and is now a multimillion dollar, international company. See the links below.

SBA Small Business Success Stories — Videos

A Man With A Truck (A.M.W.A.T), Tallahassee, FL,

Cornell’s Country Store, Clarendon, TX,

Coast to Coast Equipment, Valley View, OH, This company was started with $200 dollars (two hundred!) in 2006 and is now a multimillion dollar operation.

Tejas Premier Building Contractor, Inc., San Antonio, TX,

Meathead Movers, San Luis Obispo, CA,

Cupcakes-A-Go-Go, Madison, WI,

31 More Small Business Success Stories:

Here are some more small business success stories to motivate you in growing the heck out of your business:

Good luck on the front lines. Nothing like entrepreneurs; glad to be in good company with you!


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Cassandra Black is a foreclosure cleaning business consultant and small business author. She has written several books, reports and forms about entrepreneurship and the foreclosure cleanup industry. She is also the author of a children’s picture book about entrepreneurship entitled, When I’m Big & Grown. Cassandra’s next book, How to Start & Finance a Small Business While Collecting Unemployment, will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (new release date TBD). Visit for foreclosure cleaning business books and forms.

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