How to Find an Extra 50 Hours per Month to Grow Your Small Business

How to Find an Extra 50 Hours per Month for Your Small Business

Need help growing your small business, but can’t afford to hire an employee? Read on to find out how to get free help, starting tomorrow.

What would you do with an extra 12 hours per week, an extra 50 plus hours per month, in your small business? Would you contact more clients, create more products, get more organized, write more press releases, place more ads, etc., to make more money?

Adding an extra 12 hours per week in manpower to your business is the equivalent of having a part-time person on hand a few days a week. Most small businesses would love to have this extra help. But a great number of outfits are run by lone operators and simply cannot afford it.

According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, approximately three quarters of all United States business firms have no payroll. Most are self-employed individuals, operating unincorporated enterprises, and the business may or may not be the owner’s main source of income. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, May 2012.)

So, to hire someone to help out 50 hours per month may be out of the question. Even paying out $8 to $10 an hour to a part-time student for assistance with rote administrative tasks would prove challenging for many grassroots enterprises.

But there’s a way around this; you actually can afford an extra 50 hours per month in your small business. Read on to find out how …

What’s the Solution?

The solution is those found hours in the early mornings, when it’s still dark out. Who says you have to get eight hours of sleep per night? You’re running a business, not a hobby, right?

The best way to increase your output, earn more money, be able to afford part-time help, is hidden in your alarm clock. Yep! Set it early and plan to get up earlier.  As a small business owner in need of help, this is a truly viable solution — and, it’s one that can be implemented immediately, starting, say, tomorrow.

Time Is Your Most Precious Asset

Time is the most precious asset for small businesses — and it’s manageable. It’s also an asset that can be controlled.  An extra two hours per day in manpower devoted to your business, six days per week, equals 12 additional manpower hours per week. Multiple 12 times 4.3 (number of real weeks in a month), and you’ll have an additional 51.6 hours per month in “part-time help.”

And, it’ll be free, IMMEDIATE help.

“Time Irony”

Ironically, as you start to get up earlier each morning, you’ll start getting more sleep. How? Your body will grow tired faster. You’ll find yourself in bed earlier in the evenings. Those late nights of perhaps watching the 11 o’clock news will fast become a thing of the past. (personal experience, here.) Instead of falling asleep on the couch watching the news, you’ll find yourself browsing the headlines online the next day, or catching the early morning news as you prepare to start your day two hours earlier.

Burning the Midnight Oil

I remember when I first started my small business. I had to get up at an insane hour, in the middle of the night, because it was just me — and I was a single mom. The “marketing” time for my new business was done in the middle of the night when my little one was still asleep. Then, I’d get my son up in the early morning hours and prepare to get him off to daycare. Then I’d head to my full-time job, working to grow my business in those lone, dark hours.

Start Your New “Part-time Help” Tomorrow

To get ahead, and to propel your business to the next level, requires more than the status quo. Give your small business a new employee, starting tomorrow. Set your alarm clock a minimum of two hours earlier and beat the sun up in the morning. Spend that time perhaps doing the behind the scenes work to grow your business. Use it to pay bills, handle administrative tasks, add to your mailing list, write sales letters and press releases, prepare your postcard mailings, etc.

You’ll gain an extra 50 plus hours per month and your numerical bottom line will reward you.

Try it. There’s absolutely no negative. You’ll be rewarded over the coming months as you see your business grow with new clients and increased income. Good luck!

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