Foreclosure Cleanup: Q&A about Hiring Family Members to Help Out

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Hi Everyone. I hope your week is going well. Can you believe fall is in the air? Will be the holidays before you know it. Should be a good fall season.

Question & Answer: As promised in the last issue, below is another Q&A — a question from a business owner about using family help in their new business. See my answer below.  Enjoy your day. Until next time …

Cassandra Black
Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC

Individual Asks Question about Hiring Family to Help Out in Foreclosure Cleaning Business

Question: Cassandra, can I have family/friends help for a while until I can afford employees (I would still be paying them but I can’t afford the expenses that come with having employees right now)…. without getting in trouble? P.

Answer: Sure; as long as you don’t pay one individual more than I believe it’s $600, you don’t have to issue them a 1099 Form. Check the IRS’ website on this.** (Google “1099” if you’re not familiar with this form.)

Tip: Make sure you start out with a formal relationship on jobs using family and friends or you may not get taken seriously by your workers. It can be your brother or your best friend, but on the job, remember, you are the one in charge. Start out that way so the casual relationship does not get in the way of the work output. Remember, you will be the one facing the client when it’s time to get paid, so make sure your workers follow your rules and your checklists so the job is done to your satisfaction. (Speaking from experience, here.) Cassandra

**Note: Visit for more information re: IRS reporting requirements. The above is not intended to be a substitute for legal and/or accounting advice.


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