HELP WANTED — Foreclosure Cleanup & Lawn JOBS in Los Angeles Area

HELP WANTED — Foreclosure Cleanup JOBS & Lawn Maintenance JOBS in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

Job Description: BLM Property Services is seeking a few contractors in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. They need help with cleaning bank owned properties and doing landscaping / lawn maintenance services. Contractors must be able to successfully complete interior and exterior trash and debris removal, lawn maintenance, interior cleaning, winterization work, changing locks, and similar duties.

Foreclosure Cleanup Tools Required:

Truck and Trailer
Camera (the camera must have date stamp capability)
Computer (Laptop)
Smart Phone (email capability on your phone)
Air Compressor
Shop Vac
Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies
Lawn Mower
Tree Trimming Equipment and Supplies
Weed Sprayer

To Apply for Foreclosure Cleanup Jobs with this Property Preservation Company: To apply for a position with this company, visit and click on VENDOR APPLICATION. (Training provided; paperwork completion necessary.)

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