Property Preservation Company Hiring Handyman, Hauling and Cleanup Vendors

Jun - 04

Property Preservation Company Hiring Handyman, Hauling and Cleanup Vendors

Sentinel Field Services, Inc. Hiring Foreclosure Cleanup Business Workers

Sentinel Field Services seeks to expand their network of quality vendors. The property preservation company provides maintenance, cleanup, documentation and other preservation services to residential properties throughout the following states: SD, NV, AZ, CO, NM, ID, NE, UT, WY, MI, MN, MT, ND, WA, WI and ID.

Foreclosure cleanup vendors interested in working with Sentinel must have the ability to complete all of the services outlined below:

• Initial Secure

• Initial Inspection (with Repair Bids)

• Changing Lock

• Yard Maintenance Services (Initial / Recurring)

• Debris Removal

• Janitorial Services (Initial / Recurring)

• Winterization Work

• Seasonal Snow Removal

• Removal of Hazardous Material

• General Repairs and Handyman Type Services

• Digital Photos

NOTE: It’s preferred vendor applicants have a working knowledge of building guidelines and codes as it relates to the mortgage default industry.

Coverage Areas: Sentinel Field Services covers a vast area of the western and north central U.S., inclusive of some of the largest foreclosure areas in the nation. See coverage areas.

To Apply: To apply, visit and complete the online application.

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