Help Wanted: US Virgin Islands Property Preservation

Jun - 25

Help Wanted: US Virgin Islands Property Preservation

Property Preservation Contractors Needed in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Laudan Properties
is currently hiring property preservation contractors with experience in performing foreclosure cleanup and property preservation work.

Duties: Duties include initial securing of properties, rekeying, lawn maintenance, boarding windows, debris removal, and similar REO mortgage field services tasks.

Requirements: Foreclosure cleaning and REO repair vendors must have at least one year of property preservation experience. Further, contractors must be familiar with HUD guidelines as it relates to foreclosure cleaning and property preservation.

Tools, Equipment, and Skills: Applicants must also have all tools and basic equipment necessary to perform above outlined duties and must understand the importance of meeting deadlines, quality work, and communication.

To Apply: For more information about Laudan Properties and to apply, visit the following property preservation application link:

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