JOBS with National Asset Protection Agency (National Property Preservation & Maintenance Company) Hiring Property Preservation Vendors

Foreclosure Cleaning & REO Trash Out Work — JOBS:  National Property Preservation & Maintenance Company Hiring Property Preservation Vendors

National Asset Protection Agency, a national property preservation and maintenance company, is seeking Property Preservation Contractors in several areas.


NAPA handles the following work: debris removal, initial sales cleaning, janitorial cleaning, initial grass cuts and re-cuts, ongoing lawn maintenance and landscaping needs (i.e., brush, trimming, etc.), winterization and de-winterization, locks and rekeying, electrical, plumbing, mold inspections, remediation, termite inspections, proper hazard removals, boarding of windows and doors, pool cleanup and securing work, occupancy checks, occupancy inspections, cash for keys, cash for redemption, evictions, court appearances, securing, roof inspections, vacant property registration, permit issues, code violations, title work, major and minor repairs, and any other work which would be pertinent to the resale value of a foreclosure property.

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