Assurant Property Advantage Seeking Vendors to Cleanup, Repair & Secure Vacant Homes

Job Description: Assurant Property Advantage is looking for cleanup vendors who have experience with changing locks, securing properties, winterization, removing debris, yard work and mowing, snow removal and window and door boarding on vacant residential properties.

Job and Equipment Requirements: All vendors must have a digital camera, utility trailer, personal computer with high speed internet capability, reliable transportation, compressor, generator and other equipment and/or tools pertaining to property preservation.  Vendors must be able to communicate via email and be able to work independently to be considered. (Experience in inspections and/or construction is a plus for interested vendors.)

Location: Assurant has offices throughout several states.

For More Information: For more information about Assurant Property Advantage, visit

To Apply: If you are interested in accepting work from Assurant Property Advantage and would like more info on becoming a vendor, please email Reginald Daniel at

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