Help Wanted: Inspector Needed for HUD Homes, Houston, Texas Area (Routine & Initial Inspections)

Property Preservation Job:  Inspector Needed for HUD Homes (Routine & Initial Inspections)

Field Services Management company is hiring inspection vendor to perform inspections of HUD-owned homes. Vendor will perform routine and initial inspections.

LOCATION: Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Requirements: Initial Inspection/HPIR Requirements are as follows:

  • Reliable vehicle needed (a truck is recommended);
  • 7500 Watt Generator (minimum wattage) with 220v pigtail cables — to back feed power to the structure;
  • Portable air compressor (must have fittings to attach to structure plumbing to perform checks (pressure) and remove water from plumbing lines;
  • Digital Camera: Camera must have the ability to date stamp;
  • Computer (must have Internet access);
  • Cellular phone;
  • Miscellaneous hand tools (re: to address minor issues such as installing locks, replacing outlet covers, and miscellaneous other minor duties);
  • Must have keen attention to detail, be reliable, and have solid communication skills.

Previous handyman or construction experience is an asset. Inspectors must be able to identify and comment on electrical and HVAC systems, roofing, and general construction issues. Other duties include items such as estimating quantity of debris for removal, using a tape measure, and light cleaning.

Duties: Duties include the following:  Accepting jobs, worksheet printing, planning routes, providing required pictures of each property, along with miscellaneous verbiage concerning condition of home, structural systems/components, Health, Safety and Preservation status of each home, internet log-on for report completion and photo uploads.

Payment: Payout is made per inspection (additional monies will be paid out for extra tasks completed). Frequency of Payments: Monthly payments.

NOTE: This is a 1099 contractor’s position. Please note you will be responsible for your own insurance and taxes.

To Apply: To apply for work with this company, please include your resume and contact information and respond to THIS EMAIL ADDRESS.

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