Property Preservation Contract Field Inspection Representative Needed to Inspect Homes Monthly — Foreclosure Cleaning Industry

Aug - 14

Property Preservation Contract Field Inspection Representative Needed to Inspect Homes Monthly — Foreclosure Cleaning Industry

Property Preservation Contract Field Inspection Representative Needed — California

JOB DESCRIPTION: FAS is nationwide property preservation, REO Maintenance and Residential Repair Services Company. They are seeking a Contract Field Inspection Representative. The hired vendor will travel within a limited territory to perform property inspections and report subcontractor quality.
JOB DUTIES: Inspect the interior and exterior of vacant residential properties. The Field Inspector will as an independent contractor. (There will be no supervision. Vendor must complete assignments on time, from the job site, and in accordance with specific instructions.)

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Vendor must have the following skills and equipment outlined below:
  • Vendor must be proficient in navigation of the internet and use of web pages without additional training and have ability to pass a skills-based qualification test.
  • Vendor must travel to and perform property inspections within an assigned, limited territory. Also, vendor must be willing to travel south to the northern parts (and city center) of Los Angeles and north to Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Vendor will coordinate a weekly scheduled route of inspections, in advance, to adequately fill customer need (NOTE:  Up to 60 inspections per week).
  • Vendor must meet  quotas, deadlines and complete scheduled requirements as assigned.
  • Vendor will scrutinize various types of residential property maintenance work against an FAS-provided scope of expectations.
  • Vendor will thoroughly document and accurately report findings on each job, and by each sub-contractor, according to customer requirements.
  • Vendor will evaluate subcontractor jobsite performance and compliance and will provide recommendations to customer.
  • Vendor must own and use a current laptop computer with the Windows operating system (XP or newer) and a Microsoft Office Suite which provides full version of Word and Excel.
  • Vendor must carry subscription wireless internet via air card or mobile hotspot (vendor cannot rely on free public Wi-Fi, which may or may not be available, re: time is of the essence).
  • Vendor must own an Android-based phone with a 2.2 operating system (can be higher); current digital camera; and a GPS system for efficient route navigation.
  • Vendor must be proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook without additional training. Applicant must have ability to pass a skills-based qualification test.
Qualifications and Other Requirements:
  • Vendor must possess a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Vendor must have a current, state-issued driver’s license (clean driving history a must).
  • Vendor must have the ability to pass a criminal background check.
  • Professional certifications, i.e. “Licensed General Contractor,” preferred but NOT required.

Overview of Equipment Needed: Laptop, wireless connection, Android phone, digital camera, GPS, and licensed/insured motor vehicle.

NOTE: The preferred candidate for this company will already be residing in the Ventura County, CA area.

MORE INFO ABOUT COMPANY: For more info about this company, visit

TO APPLY: Visit the following link to apply today:
2012 Master List of Property Preservation Companies: Finding Jobs and Contracts
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