Five Simple Steps to Happiness and Getting the Life & BUSINESS You Deserve — Starting Today

To thrive in life (which encompasses our businesses), you simply must be satisfied inside. You have to be emotionally happy to make things grow; this includes the growth of business and the growth of self. The journey starts with an emotional plan. (Repost from 2010.)

Business Won’t Work If “You’re” Not Happy

To thrive in life (which encompasses our businesses), you simply must be satisfied — inside. You have to be emotionally happy to make things grow; this includes the growth of business and the growth of self.  The journey to complete happiness starts with an emotional plan.

What Is an Emotional Plan?

What is an emotional plan? Quite simply, the planning of happiness, the planning of self; revitalizing personal goals that may be buried deep within; hearing voices of dreams you envisioned for yourself before you “grew up;” recognizing those quiet internal whisperings that are so loud they keep you awake at night. You know the ones … let’s explore …

Life’s Rollercoaster

Many times we get on rollercoasters, just trying to stay afloat in lives filled with bills, marriage, work, parenting, school, business, etc. We too often forget about our emotional selves (truly, how to be happy).

Some of us entrepreneurs are master planners in business, domestics, finances, etc. But, internally, we forget about ourselves. Just as it is important to make goals when it comes to career, business, children, education, and finances, it’s equally important to plan our “emotional” lives, to explore how to be happy. We must revisit personal goals that may be known only to us; revisit dreams and ideals that will provide us with complete happiness.

What Were Your Dreams of Long Ago?

Emotionally, are you okay? Where do you envision YOUR life five years from now? Are you taking the steps to make it happen? Do you feel like you just need a minute for YOU, AND YOU ALONE, so you can dissect life? Are you spending even ten percent of your day living the life you want to live, doing what you thought you’d do when you pictured adulthood as a child growing up?

The Ultimate Gauge: If you found out you had only six months to live, would you choose to live each and every one of those final days just as you are living them now?

“Exclusive of All Else”

If some of the above questions hit home for you, take some time out of your day over the next week and plan your emotional life. Consider the five simple steps below as you sketch a path down which you want to meander in search of you, exclusive of all else.

As you review the last phrase of the previous sentence (“exclusive of all else”), a tinge of guilt may overtake you. Why? Because some of us have a tendency to put others needs before our own. But, in order to start the journey of planning a successful emotional life, we have to value our right to be okay before all else. Ironically, the reality is, if we are not okay, other people and things important to us will suffer, too (i.e., our children, our businesses). So, let’s repeat the last phrase: … sketch a path down which you want to meander in search of you, exclusive of all else.

Five Simple Steps to Guide You to Complete Happiness

Here are some simple, self-evaluation and planning tools to help you begin the journey of self exploration and the planning of a successful “emotional self” that can lead to complete happiness and a thriving enterprise:

Step 1: Remember. Remember your vision of long ago; dust off the dreams and visions you had for and of yourself before you grew up. If you had more than one, that’s okay. Remember them all and find the common nugget that made you want to be that person, accomplish that goal, take that specific journey in the first place.

Step 2: Write Them Down. Write your dreams down; write them all down. Take a pen and notebook and sit on the steps, toilet, in the car on lunch, in a stairwell between meetings, and write them all down.

Step 3: Voice Your Dreams. When you get home, look in the mirror at yourself and say them out loud, read them out loud so you can hear your dreams, smell them, touch them. Say them over and over again until they are like breathing.

Step 4: Create Fertile Ground. This may be the hardest step of all: Decide to remove all negativity from your life. Notice the word “decide.” If you are in a scenario that will inhibit you from being happy, living life the way you want to live it, scrape it from your world like a cancer. You can do that; it’s YOUR life. You can decide to be happy. Take the power that is your right and remove negative obstacles that prevent you from blossoming into the beautiful person you are. It’s your life; change starts within.  And you deserve happiness.

Step 5: Plan. Devise a five year plan of action to make your visions of happiness a reality. It can be as simple or as complex as you deem. A plan is simply the outlining of the ultimate destination and the steps you need to take to get there.

The above steps are just the beginning; after you plan, it’ll be time to roll up your sleeves and start the journey to complete happiness. It’ll be the best trip of your life. Go for it!

Personal Dream Come to Life!

My dream was to live on a tropical island a good portion of the year and write, write, write. Recently, I headed to the Caribbean with five suit cases and a dream. It was a dream that was buried deep within — but that suddenly (and uncontrollably!) bounded out of me like a breath of fresh air.

My connection is still primarily the United States, because I have interests in the states. But being a solid manager and pretty good foreclosure cleanup consultant (and frequent flyer!), I’ve made my vision of the tropics a reality. Along the way, I’ve found peace in my heart, unbelievable happiness in a life I know I deserve, I’ve restructured my business to suit my lifestyle ( and Foreclosure Cleanup & RE Industry Books, Reports and Forms) — and I look forward to waking each and every day, embracing life.

The Ultimate Gauge: If I found out I had only six months to live, I wouldn’t want to change one iota of the life I’ve structured for myself.

Join me; find “your happy” by planning and creating the life you want and deserve. You will find happiness beyond your wildest dreams — and your business will flourish as a result.  Go for it!

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