Land Clearing / Debris Removal Job: Need 1/4 Acre of Land Cleared & Debris Hauled Away

Apr - 17

Land Clearing / Debris Removal Job: Need 1/4 Acre of Land Cleared & Debris Hauled Away

Hi Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners,

A client sent in the following work request:   

“I have a 200 foot fence and approximately 1/4 acre of land that needs to be cleared and debris hauled away. The address is in Jonesboro, GA 30238.”

TIP from Cassandra:  Nature of Debris Removal?  Hmm … Query owner about nature of debris removal beyond what you can actually see. Lot of times, you may have vehicles, old lawn mowers, appliances, etc., shielded by piles of exterior junk. Specifically ask them about this and if they say there are no vehicles, mechanical parts, or appliances, indicate this on your estimate.

Here’s wording example: “Per conversation with Customer signing contract on so-in-so date, at so-in-so time, there are no known vehicles, mechanical parts, appliances, or the like within the debris. If during removal of debris, such items, or those similar in nature, are discovered, the estimate will change and a Change Order will be issued and executed before the job is completed.”

You need to do this because your estimate will increase significantly if you have to bring in, for example, a vehicle removal company to dig out an old truck and drag it to a junk yard. 

Want to Bid?  If interested in bidding on the job, simply email me at bid {at} foreclosurecleanup.BIZ before 4:00 PM Monday, April 18, and I will give you contact info of the potential client. Simply type “JONESBORO BID” in your subject line, and I will email you the client’s name and phone number.

NOTE: Here’s some quick information about Jonesboro, Georgia via Wikipedia:,_Georgia. Visit to map from your area. 

We have no more info on the job other than what’s stated above, so please save any questions for the potential client.  If you get the job, this will be between you and the client. We are simply passing the info on as part of our informal outsourcing.  Good luck to you in the bidding process!  

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