BlackBriar Field Services is Seeking Property Preservation Vendors and Foreclosure Cleanup Property Inspectors

BlackBriar Field Services
is currently experiencing tremendous growth and is looking to expand their network. (See their coverage area here:

The majority of their work is inspection work. These are exterior drive by inspections where property preservation vendors take images of the exterior of properties and report if the properties are occupied or vacant as well as other general details. The same properties are inspected on a monthly basis. BlackBriar Field Services handles approximately 15,000 of these types of inspections monthly. With the rising cost of fuel, they are recruiting additional property preservation vendors and sub-contractors so their inspectors can work closer to their homes which will lower overall fuel costs as well as help them expedite the results for their clients.

BlackBriar is also recruiting experienced individuals to perform property preservation work. This includes lawn maintenance, winterizations, initial securing, debris removal, lock changes and other similar work. They are looking for people who have done this type of work in the past and are familiar with the general qualifications. The pay varies for property preservation work depending on area and service type. Vendor applicants must have insurance and be familiar with HUD guidelines and procedures. BlackBriar Field Services is negotiating a contract to soon perform HUD inspections and will need more people.

If you are interested in working for BlackBriar Field Services please visit their website at and click on the following link: This is the first step to apply to become a subcontractor for their company. Please feel free to contact them (   with any questions or concerns. (Please also send them an e-mail including the services and areas you are interested in covering. See the contact link immediately above for email address.)

PAY:  These types of inspections pay between $4.00 and $15.00 each depending on volume and location.

NOTE FROM CASSANDRA:  Remember, inspections can be very lucrative for foreclosure cleanup companies.  As a sub, you will be receiving a percentage of their pay. Remember, the money in inspections is in the sheer volume. Read previous post to guide you ( and good luck!


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