Property Preservation Contractors Needed!

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HELP WANTED / SMALL BUSINESS CONTRACT / JOBS:  Property Preservation Contractors Needed

Property Preservation Contractors Needed!

Asset Management Specialist is seeking to hire contract vendors to maintain and repair foreclosed homes that are vacant.

Property Preservation Contractors should be experienced with the following:

  • Trashouts, cleanouts, and debris removal
  • Winterization and de-winterization
  • Pressure test (plumbing)
  • Grass cutting, trimming hedges, and basic landscaping
  • Snow removal duties
  • Vehicle removal (or have a subcontractor to handle)
  • Boarding and/or re-glazing windows
  • Minor interior and exterior repairs
  • Other similar property preservation duties as needed.  

Candidates should be familiar with and have useful knowledge about working online. Also, vendors should be familiar with uploading digital photos (before and after) to document a job’s completion. Strict adherence to deadline is a must.

Location: Magnolia, AR (South Arkansas)

For more information, call 215-486-3197. 


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