Help Wanted for Vacant HUD Homes — Independent Contractor with Property Preservation Experience: (Cleaning, Lawn Maintenance, Winterizations, Window Repair, Etc.)

Independent Contractor with Property Preservation Experience
Needed for Cleaning, Lawn Maintenance,
Winterization Work, Window Repair, Etc.

Job Description: GTK Contracting is looking for an Independent Contractor with experience with Property Preservation, REO, FSM, and/or M&M work. Work servicing vacant HUD homes in your zip code or surrounding zip codes.  

Tasks:  Full maid service, lawn maintenance, winterization work (Systems Check of HPIR III). Other general tasks include hand rail installations, re-glazing of broken, abating trip hazards, and more. GTK Contracting does not generally change or install locks.  Contractors are NOT required to carry locks inventory. Further, GTK Contracting generally does NOT handle trash outs. Debril removal requirement will be minimal.


Potential Vendors must have the following:

  • Computer and a Reliable Internet Online Connection
  • Digital Camera ( Note:  Photos, all, must be date stamped and and delivered in a .jpeg format; mobile phone photographs are NOT acceptable always)
  • Lawn Care Equipment (Mower & Weed Eater — at minimum)
  • Basic, Standard Cleaning Materials
  • Air Compressor  for Winterization Work
  • Generator (“HPIR III” Electrical System Check)
  • General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Workman’s Compensation is required within 90 days (group options are available)

To Apply:  Please e-mail GTK to begin the vendor application. Note:  The e-mail should include name, contact info. Also, include a brief description of your qualifications and experience. Please contact the following:

Notes by Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC:  

  • At last look, this company’s website was under construction.
  • This contractor is indeed requiring E&O in their job listing, but query them on this to be sure this is what they want from you as a foreclosure cleanup vendor.

Good luck, and many wishes of success with your foreclosure cleanup business!

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