Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Vendor Needed for Several Florida Properties

Miami-Dade County:  Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Vendor Needed

Miami-Dade County Department of Procurement Management is seeking a Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Vendor to bid on a one year contract for Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services at several locations (see below). Contractors should be equipped to handle grounds maintenance, fertilization of sod areas, fertilization of shrub beds, and fertilization of trees.  See locations needing service below:

  • Kendall Cottages, 11025 SW 84th St.
  • Inn Transition South, 11930 SW 202nd St.
  • Miami-Gardens Neighborhood Services, 16405 NW 25th Ave.
  • N. County Neighborhood Services, 3201 NW 207th St.
  • Edison Littler River Neighborhood, 150 NW 79th St.
  • Victims Emergency Shelter North Dade, 7831 NE Miami Ct.
  • Inn Transition North (2 Buildings), 13030 / 13090 NE 6th Ct.
  • Passageways to Independence, 2500 NW 62nd St.
  • Elderly Services Adult Day Care, 60 NE 166th St.
  • Culmer Neighborhood Service Center, 1600 NW 3rd Ave.
  • Coconut Grove Neighborhood Service, 3750 S. Dixie Hwy. (Coconut Grove)
  • Allapattah Neighborhood, 1897 NW 20th St.
  • Wynwood Neighborhood Service Center, 2902 NW 2nd Ave.
  • Emergency Housing North, 2301 NW 54th St.
  • Disability Service and Independent Living, 1335 NW 14th St.
  • Elderly Services W. Dade Adult Day Care, 6950 N. Waterway Drive
  • United Cerebral Palsy, 1411 NW 14th Ave.
  • Emergency Housing South, 825 West Palm Drive, Florida City
  • Elderly Services Homestead Adult Care, 653 SW 4th St., Homestead
  • Victims Emergency Shelter South Dade, 51 West Mowry Drive, Homestead
  • Elderly Services Adult Day Care, 19590 Old Cutler Road Miami
  • Naranja Neighborhood Service Center, 13955 SW 264th St., Naranja
  • Florida City / Homestead Neighborhood, 1600 NW 6th Ct., Florida City

TO PLACE YOUR BID: To bid, see the following document and follow bidding instructions carefully:

Notes:  Opening Date 7/13/2011; Opening Time: 02:00 PM

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