Where To Find Work For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business — Property Preservation Servicer Contacts

Jul - 30

Where To Find Work For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business — Property Preservation Servicer Contacts

Where To Find Work For Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Here’s a starting points  List of Property Preservation Servicer Contacts.  The below resource  is a solid list to find  subcontracting jobs!  Here’s how:

Explore this list if you are looking to find more REO vendor contracts and subcontracting opportunities for your foreclosure cleanup, lawn maintenance, and/or trash out company.

Again, you can use this property preservation contacts list to begin sourcing real estate job leads in a grassroots manner.  This could mean doing some cold calling to uncover updated contact information as well as to find vendor management departments, etc.

The toil can be well worth the reward, because just one new contract as a result of cold calling could earn your company new business and untold profits for years to come!

This next article entitled, Foreclosure Cleaning: How to Market Your REO Trash Out Business in a Tough Market Using an Old Fashioned Tactic was written previously about cold calling for our industry, but the fundamental mechanics of this type of grassroots marketing are still  very effective for small businesses seeking to grow their companies by getting larger property preservation contracts.

Here’s the starting points list of Property Preservation Servicer Contacts referenced above.


List of Property Preservation Servicer Contacts  https://www.mba.org/audience/residential-mortgage-professionals/property-preservation-resource-center/property-preservation-servicer-contacts (SOURCE: Mortgage Bankers Association)

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How to Start a Foreclosure Clean-up Business While Still Working Your Full-time or Part-time Job

Note:   Many of these articles referenced were penned when I first started my company.   I have long since restructured it to focus on my books — https://www.amazon.com/Cassandra-Black/e/B005BU7Y44 — including tons of products for our industry https://www.e-junkie.com/marketplace/stonecottagebooks.  However, again, most of the info on grassroots startup and marketing is still valid today!  Cassandra Black

 Enjoy scouring the list  referenced above for finding new  subcontracts for your business!


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