Some of the Biggest Issues Facing Property Preservation Today & Moving Forward

Jan - 31

Some of the Biggest Issues Facing Property Preservation Today & Moving Forward

Nearly a month into 2017, what are  some of the biggest issues facing property preservation, or maintenance of vacant properties?


In the article below, entitled “The Waiting Game with Vacant Properties“, the DS News piece explores  some of the biggest issues facing property preservation, or maintenance of vacant properties, present day.

It’s not unusual for a property to have been sitting vacant for years, which presents  a whole new set of challenges in effective property preservation.  The article below explores …

Quick  Summation / Takeaways

Here are a few quick takeaways from an industry insider from the article below so you, as a foreclosure cleanup business owner,  know that to expect in the line of services you may be considering offering to your loss mitigation clients in  this new world of property preservation.

  • What you’re seeing now with this philosophy of getting properties more of market-ready and neighborhood-like is that those vacant properties aren’t sticking out like they used to.
  • The grass is being maintained just as well as the neighbor’s grass, and in some cases they’re cutting the grass more frequently than what’s required by normal investor guidelines.
  • Also, from a security standpoint, we’re seeing the use of steel security more and more in the industry.
  • One other things that we’re seeing with a lot of our clients is that actually more work is being done at the properties before the foreclosure sale.
  • There are a couple of different companies in the industry that provide steel windows and steel doors, so that way if you do have a property that’s broken into multiple times and you just can’t keep the criminals out, we’ll actually put steel on the property.
  • You might have somebody living there in the property, and so I think by taking a lot of those steps, you’re seeing that help cut down on the deterioration, help eliminate neighborhood blight, and help keep those properties in as good a condition as possible as they go through the foreclosure process.

Read the full article entitled “The Waiting Game with Vacant Properties” …


Good insight as you prepare  your foreclosure cleanup business for a busy 2017 spring season in property preservation / foreclosure cleaning!


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