New Television Show Profiles “Blue Collar” Millionaires

New Television Show Profiles “Blue Collar Millionaires”

A new television show entitled Blue Collar Millionaires has hit the airwaves. It profiles “rags to riches” type, grassroots entrepreneurs.

The business owners spotlighted in the new TV show have all experienced amazing success with their companies — most of which provide less than glamorous business services.

Blue Collar Millionaires, which premiered July 15, 2015, on CNBC, reveals how micro companies, many with limited start-up capital, have created multi-million dollar empires out of modest beginnings.

College Hunks Hauling Junk

One such company featured in the initial episode is College Hunks Hauling Junk. This business was started by two guys with a big idea and a rumpled cargo van. College friends, Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman grew a tiny operation that started out hauling junk into a mega enterprise that’s now a $25 Million Dollar enterprise, and growing!

College Hunks Hauling Junk, based in Tampa, Florida, currently has over 50 franchise operations in various cities across the United States.

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Blue Collar Millionaires Video about Junk Haulers

Watch the CNBC Video: Blue Collar Millionaires Features Junk Hauling Company. (

Other stories on the new show feature a now “$20 million dollar concrete pourer” who graduated from sleeping in a shack, to sleeping in a mansion; a trash company dubbed a “30 million trash empire”; a successful pest control service; a worm business; and several other blue collar businesses.

Find other related videos about small businesses slated to air on the show on CNBC.

Small Business versus Grassroots Business

The Small Business Administration (the “SBA”) describes the term “small business” with phrases like “500 employees” and “$7.5 million in average annual receipts” However, in the eyes of many, terms like this do NOT describe a small business in the traditional sense, which makes the profile of the entrepreneurs on the new show both refreshing and inspiring.

Blue Collar Millionaires is a reminder that ‘the little guy’ can make it; the average worker can build wealth, with hard work, a vision, and not necessarily a ton of money. It’s a reminder of the American dream.

The production also sheds light on the fact that small business start-ups that include service work, like junk hauling, foreclosure cleaning, trash out businesses (, lawn maintenance services, and the like, can lead to exponential earnings and success for grassroots entrepreneurs who don’t mind sweat equity and getting their hands dirty.

For more information on Blue Collar Millionaires and the shows lineup, see CNBC.

How to Start a Small Business

To find a wealth of information about starting a small business, see the Small Business Administration online at

How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

For more information about starting a junk hauling, trashout, and foreclosure cleanup business (, see the Foreclosure Cleanup Blog online at foreclosure-cleanup-blog DOT com.

Also find a plethora of foreclosure cleaning business startups forms and guides at

JOBS and Help Wanted: Small Business Contracts, Foreclosure Cleaning, General Contractor Jobs, and Real Estate Jobs

Please Note:  Use the below job listings, posted previously, as an invaluable resource to get a solid idea about the types of jobs and contracts you can secure in the industry for your company.

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  • College Park, Georgia:  Inspection and Securing Needed for 3 BR / 2.5 Bath Home in the Atlanta, Georgia Area
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  • Property Preservation Contractors Needed in Arkansas!
  • Foreclosure Clean-up JOBS — Sentinel Field Services, Inc.: Foreclosure Inspectors
  • Landscaping Contract: Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Vendor Needed for Several Florida Properties (1 Year Contract)
  • Property Preservation Work with Matt Martin Real Estate Management (HUD Properties throughout U.S.)
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    Job / Help Wanted with Property Preservation Company


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    In need of experienced property preservation contractors to secure, service, and/or rehab foreclosed properties. Candidate must be able to work independently and complete work orders within strict deadlines. Must be able to take and upload digital photographs of work. Must carry insurance and have reliable transportation, internet, and phone service. Please include in your response the counties/areas that you will be able to complete AND submit work within a 24/48 hour turnaround time. Have special need in FL, KY, TN, NC, SC.
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    Vendor Relations
    4510 Oak Fair Blvd, Suite 130, Tampa FL 33610


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    Cassandra Black is a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Consultant, the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, and several foreclosure cleanup industry and field asset services Guides, Reports and Forms available via Stone Cottage Books and Amazon. She is also CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC. Follow Cassandra and Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC on Twitter.



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